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Lockdown SUCCESS and SURVIVAL stories

Business from the Heart Members share inspiring stories of lockdown survival and success

Inger Madsen Helping Families be Happy Again Went from fear she would lose everything she'd built up in her 121 practice to her best year yet

Inger recalled her initial reaction as we went into the first lockdown.  Her 121 business was 95% offline and she had worked hard to get to a consistent, sustainable revenue. She spoke of her fear that she would lose everything for which she had worked so hard. And how the lockdown forced her to overcome all her her previous resistance to working and generating clients online -  as a result she had some of her best financial months ever while providing a valuable service during the pandemic.

Kanika Tandon Transformational Coach to high-flying women Her positive mindset and clear marketing message took Kanika to fully booked with very little effort

Kanika shared how as we first went into lockdown last year she saw it as an opportunity to grow her business that she grabbed with both hands. This positive mindset quickly led her to becoming fully booked. We explored how she did that, and how her very clear and "sticky" message  draws her ideal clients to her, which means she didn't need a complex online presence, or to do Facebook Lives! 

Phyllis Woodfine Success Mentor for Women & Osteopath After the devastation of closing her "hands on" practice Phyllis started a new business she'd been dreaming of for years

Lockdown started out tough for Phyllis as she had to bring a stop to the osteopathy work she'd been doing for 27 years. But, drawing upon her resilience, she took time to reflect, stepping away from her 'whirling dervish' tendency. She used the opportunity to create the business she'd always wanted (finding her clients the 'easy' way) and is now able to look back at the year as a resounding success!

Emma Pennycard of BeCoaching Emma grew her business in just 2 hours a day while home-schooling

Emma had left her corporate job to start her new coaching business when the pandemic struck. With a 5 and 9 year old to homeschool her first thought was that she would effectively be "unemployed" and would have to put her dreams and goals on hold. After realising how important her coaching business was to her personal fulfilment she used the power of focus to take her business forward in the small pockets of time she had, while homeschooling AND finding time for self-care.

Monica Douglas of Wild Wisdom Mentorship Got the kick she needed to truly live and embody transformation she promises her clients

Monica was right on the cusp of starting a new life after divorce and hospitalisation with a serious illness, when lockdown hit and stopped her in her tracks. She responded by deepening her personal practice in transformational techniques and realised the importance of living her truth so she could inspire and mentor others to do the same. Having followed her own wild wisdom to live life on her terms she drew her many skills and talents together under one message and launched her new Wild Wisdom membership!

Helen Reynolds Image Consultant After losing all her clients Helen overcame her mindset blocks and transitioned her fully offline business to 100% online

Prior to the pandemic, Helen's client work was 100% offline and when lockdown hit it came to a sudden halt. She didn't believe she could do her work online, and didn't want to either! But she shifted her mindset, was willing to "give it a go" and as a result built a fully online business with an online course, a membership and even figured out how to do her 121 work online! She says she finally feels like she is 'genuinely' successful, with a 'real' business and solid consistent income.

 Nicky Lowe of Wisdom for Working Mums Nicky walked her talk staying out of burnout while her business boomed with 2 young children at home

Nicky navigated lockdown with an 18-month-old, a 7-year-old, a full-time business and no support during the day. She reacted by getting into "superwoman" mode and trying to do it all. She was busier than ever, winning corporate contracts and running an online summit - but it wasn't sustainable. So she walked her talk by committing to self-care, building her 'village' of a support system and automating aspects of the business. She shared her 'micro' practices that ensure her wellbeing comes first.

Laura Coleman round

"This membership has been the most no brainer investment I’ve ever made in my business.  
The community is incredible and I’ve forged so many brilliant connections, collaborations and even new clients.   Catherine has a gift for adding value with many light but powerful touches and she’s incredibly generous with her time and input.  She’s able to get right to the heart of what matters to you and supports you to build confidence and courage in yourself.  
Since I joined the changes and growth in my business have been massive."


"I cannot tell you how glad I am to now be a part of Catherine's Community, and to be able to learn all the ins-and-outs of running my own business, step-by-teeny-tiny-step.

Instead of being totally daunted (like the proverbial rabbit) and not knowing what to do next, I have the security blanket of being able to follow a richly developed and resourced, cleverly structured plan, which I can follow at my own pace.

And I am comforted by the added knowledge and bonus that there's always someone around in the Community who can answer a question, or point me in the right direction." 

Patricia Koops round

"At the time I became a member of this fantastic group I thought I would never be able to run my own business and was overwhelmed. I was all over the place doing all kinds of different activities or I just procrastinated. The structured approach of Catherine’s Business from the Heart Pathway and her heart-warming personality feels like a soothing bath. I am now so much more clear on what to focus on every month and that’s taken away a lot of the overwhelm I felt. The membership has truly helped me overcome a lot of anxieties around my business, given me trust and confidence that I am going to thrive, and helps me actually enjoy building it! I would say it’s worth every penny spent”

Ready to join us in this close-knit, loving, supportive community? We'd love to have you.


Judi Craddock round

Judi Craddock

“Since I joined the membership, I’ve ‘stepped up’ in my business and committed to taking more action than ever before. Before joining, I didn’t have a clear structure or approach to my business. The Business from the Heart Pathway was a revelation to me, and helped me see where I was, and what I needed to do to move my business forwards.

The mentoring, community support and extensive knowledge base have all supported me in taking the most appropriate action for my stage of business (and that feels good for me too!).

Here are some of the key highlights of my journey so far, and what this membership has allowed me to…

  • Get clear on my ideal client and create a ‘sticky’ message – that’s now attracting more ideal clients to discovery calls and onto my mailing list (it’s grown by 100%+ since I joined)
  • Become a LOT more confident with sales calls – I’ve been able to enrol clients without it feeling icky or a chore.
  • Upgrade my web-site – I recognised that for my stage of business, it was time to upgrade and stop DIYing it!
  • Recognise what’s in flow for me in my business and focus on that rather than trying to do ‘all the things’.
  • Get greater visibility – I’ve had more requests to be interviewed for summits and podcasts.
  • Feeling part of something greater – the sense of community means that I don’t feel I’m alone – I always have somewhere to turn for support or to celebrate!"
Rajita Cappadocia round

Rajita Antonia

“I went from having no business model at all, or any business understanding, to having a business model and way to speak with potential clients and convert them to happy customers. The support the Heartie group offers is a game changer, can highly recommend it!"

Monica Douglas round

“As a result of the expertise and support Catherine gave me during a 30 minute Hotseat I had the insight and confidence to pivot my business and create The Wild Wisdom Mentorship, my new membership. Those insights resulted in a nearly 10 x ROI on my membership fee with the founder launch alone.

I’m so grateful for the support from Catherine and fellow Hearties this year and I wholeheartedly recommend the Business from the Heart membership to heart-centered business owners who are ready to grow, be supported, and thrive."


"The Business from the Heart community is such a great resource for a small business owner. I'm a few years into running a business and have had a year of mentoring with Catherine so I was a little uncertain about whether I would get much value out of a the new membership community but I should have had more confidence!

Being able to hop onto a Q&A call and ask a specific niggling question is so valuable. I ended up making several thousand pounds as a result of one 5 minute chat! Apart from Catherine's expertise, the networking has been great. I've met some fantastic people and have gained new clients from within the community.

If you're looking for a supportive community, access to great learning resources and some spot on advice this is the right group for you."


"I've been lucky to have worked with Catherine 121 on launching my online programme, increasing my webinar sales and creating a long-term plan for scaling my business. It's worth way more than the monthly membership to me just to know I can have access to her sharp business brain on a Q&A call or Hotseat whenever I need some advice or help making a key decision."

Donna McCallum round

Donna McCallum

"Catherine’s teaching on the stages of business provided me with a clear roadmap of what I should be focusing on next. My team is relieved that I’m more organized and focused due to Catherine’s strategy process. It makes their lives and work much easier and more relaxed.

Last month I needed some help getting better conversions from webinars. I listened to a two-hour training session and once I implemented what I learned, the conversions on my next webinar increased.

The value the training has offered me so far (plus knowing there’s more there when I need it) is worth so much more than the monthly price of this membership"

Media Gyamtso round

Media Gyamtso

Online Business Manager

"Catherine is one of those rare business coaches that can embody a laser-focused business mindset alongside a heart-centred, supportive spirit. The Business from the Heart Membership she’s created is supportive, inclusive, very engaged and a great place to learn and be inspired by her and a wide variety of other business owners."

Kate Salberg round

"I’m so glad I joined. I am in the early stages of my plans without any prior business knowledge. The pathway has been invaluable to give me a roadmap but what is even more important to me is the community. It’s massively helpful to share one’s challenges and what I really love is that even when Catherine is being realistic about the challenges she is SO encouraging. It’s a kind place to be. There are masses of training available and if it’s not obvious, someone will help. I’m determined to make a go of my business and this community is my 'go to' support network."

Kate Salberg First Client

"Joining the Business from the Heart Membership Community has exceeded all expectations. Catherine’s caring nature and passion to help you succeed in business shines through - from the huge range of online trainings, to the live Q&A calls where she listens to people’s concerns and gives her expert advice gleaned from years of experience.

The support and encouragement within the group from Catherine, her team and the other members of the community makes it feel like a family. I am just starting my business and already see it as one of the best investments I’ve made both for now and as my business grows."

Sharon Wright round

Sharon Wright

"I can't speak highly enough of the Business from the Heart Membership - the value has been amazing. I really need structure and order - so I really love that I can find all my business mentoring resources in one, easy to navigate place. I never feel at a loss when I'm unsure of my next step. The main benefit for me has been getting clear on my ideal client and creating that all-important message that helps me to stand out in such a busy online market."


And gain more confidence, clarity and a sense of community


Enrolment closes at 10.00pm (UK) on Friday 14th May


"I've already told Catherine I think what she's charging is crazy - I would happily pay much much more for the value I'm receiving."

Helen Elizabeth Evans - Conscious Business Mentor & The UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst

Would it be worth £47 for JUST ONE of these outcomes each month?


"As a result of just one tweak suggested by Catherine, I effortlessly brought in an additional £6000 into my business, a few days later."

Monica Douglas round

"After a just one Hotseat with Catherine I launched my new membership and saw an immediate 10 x return on my membership fee."


"Being able to hop onto a Q&A call and ask a specific niggling question is so valuable. I ended up making several thousand pounds as a result of just one 5 minute chat with Catherine."


"As a result of just one introduction at an Online Meetup I enrolled a new client into my highest level service. That one client has repaid a year's membership 10 times over - and I've got an absolutely ideal client who I'm loving working with."


"After some gentle prodding from Catherine to get out of my comfort zone I tried doing just one thing that I said "wouldn't work for me" - and enrolled a new absolutely ideal client as a direct result!"


"After following the advice given in just one of the online training courses in the members' area, I gained three new clients from a talk I gave - and there were only 11 people in the audience."


"Since the moment I signed up I've been absolutely delighted I joined. I've learnt so much! The community has provided me with a connection to other heart centred business owners, access to your personal mentoring in the live Q&A sessions has been invaluable, and it's giving me confidence that I'm getting the basic structures in place to build a sustainable business. I highly recommend others join this fabulous, generous community and experience the value for themselves."


"The membership, sense of community and added value has exceeded my expectations. The structure that Catherine provides is excellent and helps guide my actions, and it’s given me a new appreciation of what my business is and what it could become. I really don’t know how I managed without it (well, I do - I didn’t manage very well at all!)"


"Since joining the membership I've felt so supported in my business ventures. It's had a massive impact on helping me get a 'yes' to my first luxury package. I've also had the confidence to do more live videos and interviews on social media which is generating a lot of interest in my business. I definitely would not be as far as I am now in business without the help of this group and Catherine. I would wholeheartedly recommend it!"

Caitriona Ellis round

"The Hearties community is the most supportive group I've ever encountered - no request for support or guidance goes unanswered by Catherine or the Hearties. The value provided for the cost is insane. If you get the chance to join the Hearties, go for it! Worse case scenario, it's not for you and you cancel. This was my approach 2 years ago and I've never looked back."

My Guarantee

I'm certain you'll be absolutely delighted with the value you get from this membership. But if it turns out I'm wrong, or if for any reason you feel it's not for you, just let us know within 30 days of joining and we will refund what you've paid so far. All you have to do is email us at and we'll do that immediately - no quibbles.


I’m pouring my heart and soul into creating a truly amazing Membership Community that serves you in the best way I know how.  We'd love to have you join us and help shape this incredible community.


Enrolment closes at 10.00pm (UK) on Friday 14th May

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